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Too Many Log-ins!

January 22nd, 2013 by Amy Kautzman

QUESTION: When I log into the library site from a library computer, I am asked for my Kerberos password. Why then am I later asked for my library card number, since the system already knows who I am? I don’t have this number committed to memory, and it is an extra headache to dig it out and type it in. You already know who I am, and so you already know my library ID number.

ANSWER: Thank you for writing in about your frustration with library computer sign-in.  I know it is a bit crazy-making, having to sign in twice, with two different account log-ins. Unfortunately, there are reasons for this that we can’t easily resolve.

The Kerberos sign-in serves as proof that you are who you claim to be. This sign in, when used off-campus, allows you access to databases and other UCD-only materials. Within the library it allows you access to a larger number of computers as well as the ability to use your thumb drive.

You are asked for your library account number when you try to renew a book, use ILL, or any other account specific features within the Harvest or Melvyl catalogs. We are exploring the possibility of using your Kerberos ID as your log-in for these features, but thus far we have not able to get the campus system to work seamlessly with with library system.

In closing, again a great question and one that we’ve been actively trying to resolve. We hope to eventually make this particular library experience much better.

Reserves Notification

November 19th, 2012 by Amy Kautzman

QUESTION: I think that Shields Library should add a feature when putting a book on hold in the Reserves section: The form should include a place for a phone number so if a person wants to leave the premise while waiting on his/her book s/he can. Once the book comes back, the Reserves staff can call the student and let her know the book is available.
ANSWER: I like this idea and we’ve been trying to do “something” like it and are not yet there.
We’ve been exploring using SMS to send text messages when a Reserves book is ready. That way, if the book comes back early you can be notified via your phone. Currently we give out buzzers like those at the Cheesecake Factory and other suburban/mall foodertainment locals.
Unfortunately the SMS service will NOT work with Reserves. We’ve tried. We discussed phone calls but that is problematic. We already have crazy, busy lines. How would you feel if you had to wait longer while our students called other students? Also, many of us have cell phones that are not Davis-centric which means a long distance charge for every card. ChaChing$$$
Good news, we are experimenting with SMS for circulation and hope to roll this service out soon. You’ll get recall notices, book due notices, etc for regular circ items. Sadly, Reserves is special and is just out of reach!
But, I love that you brought this idea forward. Thanks.

Make it simple!

October 3rd, 2012 by Amy Kautzman

QUESTION: You’re so complicated!!

ANSWER: I’m going to act on the premise that the author of this note, found in our Suggestion Box, is referring to the Library and not to me.

I’m sorry that many students feel that libraries are complicated but the reality is that some important skills in life take time to learn and master. The ability to do deep research and apply critical thinking skills is something we expect all of you to learn while you’re here.

The good news is that we are here to help you. We have lots  of ways for you to come in (physically or virtually). We exist for one reason — to ensure our students, faculty, and staff can access the resources they need in order to succeed.

Check us out:

Also, if you can think of a way to make the library more welcoming, send us a suggestion.  We are listening.

Music From Laptops

March 1st, 2012 by Amy Kautzman

QUESTION: There is a new and annoying trend of students playing music on their laptops – without headphones!

I’ve encountered this twice in the past two weeks and have heard other students complain about this as well.

I think security should be walking the entire library enforcing quiet rules – the cell phone use is bad enough, but this is too much.

I’ve encountered this problem on the 4th fl and in the basement along the back wall – where one tends to go for quiet. There are so few quiet places in Shields these days.

ANSWER: Thank you for taking the time to note the issues with music playing loudly and write a suggestion.

We recently posted more signs asking for quiet — we’re trying to push a campaign of sorts. I will share your comments (and thanks for noting the location!) with our guards and staff. They will try to keep an eye on this area for the rest of the quarter.

Also, pls call the circulation desk with a complaint should students get too loud: 530 752-8792
You may also interact with your peers and ask them to respect the sanctity of the quiet zone. We depend on students to assist us in keeping the library in good order.